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Saint-Tropez (8600 inhabitants, 11km2)

Saint Tropez is a town dedicated to Art, Culture and Tradition. It became famous when Show Business People, Artists and Writers all fell under the spell of this charming little port in the 1950's. In those days one could bump into Picasso, Francoise Sagan, Jacques Prévert and many others. With the arrival of Brigitte Bardot in 1956 the myth was installed for good. People watching is a favorite sport in summer. Visitors like to sit at the outdoor cafés hoping either to be seen or to see some one else. Huge yachts and sailing boats line up in the picturesque old port. You should not miss the famous Voiles de Saint Tropez at the beginning of October, which transforms the Gulf into a spectacular sailing event.
Saint Tropez's true nature can be appreciated in the off months. If you come here in May, June, September or October you can take the time to admire the charming little streets and alleys.

Early in the morning at the Place aux Herbes you can find fruit, vegetables and flowers and watch the local fishermen selling their new catch. This is also the neighborhood of the famous café Sénéquier. A typical Provencal market is held every Tuesday and Saturday morning at the Place des Lices (“Jousting Arena”).

Religious and festive processions called Bravades are lively celebrations, which begin in May and continue until the 15th of June.

Areas of Saint Tropez:

  • La Belle Isnarde / Les Carles / Sainte Anne
  • Canoubiers / La Moutte / Les Salins / Les Parcs
  • Capon / Le Pinet / La Capilla

La Belle Isnarde / Les Carles / Sainte Anne

These areas are close to the old village of Saint Tropez. Also local people live in these areas all year. La Belle Isnarde is a private domain in walking distance to the Place des Lices. Most of the properties have very nice sea views over the village of Saint Tropez towards the Mediterranean Sea Alps.

Canoubiers / La Moutte / Les Salins / Les Parcs

These areas are next to the beaches of Saint Tropez. The primarily natural surroundings attract people who prefer quietness with easy access to the village. Les Parcs de Saint Tropez is one of the most expensive areas on the Peninsula where a lot of celebrities have their houses. This neighborhood is also for people who love outside sports. You can go for a walk on the Sentier Littoral (coastal pathway) or start your daily exercise in front of your property.

Capon / Le Pinet / La Capilla

These areas are located on the way to Ramatuelle and the Pampelonne beach. Very large properties with sometimes breath-taking sea views are situated in that location. La Capilla – a private domain – gives direct access to the beach of Pampelonne near Tahiti beach.

Ramatuelle (2300 inhabitants, 36km2)

Built against the hills, Ramatuelle faces out on a panoramic view of the Bay of Pampelonne. The village is encircled by ramparts and you can see the pink tile rooftops and the ancient stone houses lined along the narrow streets. The cultural life in Ramatuelle is particularly rich. There are renowned jazz and classical music festivals and excellent theatre. Many foreigners have fallen in love with this area and have made it their holiday residence.

Areas of Ramatuelle:

  • Ramatuelle Village
  • L’Oumède / Jaffret / Val de Pons / Val des Tournels
  • Pampelonne (Les Moulins / Les Tamaris / Les Barraques / Bonne Terrasse)
  • Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Cap Camarat

Ramatuelle Village

Ramatuelle village is a picturesque Medieval town with narrow townhouses composed of three to four levels. Some of them provide the typical roof terrace from which you can overlook the countryside. Few of them shelter a charming, small patio or garden surrounded by neighboring houses or old ramparts.

L’Oumède / Jaffret / Val de Pons / Val des Tournels

These areas are surrounded by nature. Below the old village of Ramatuelle they often allow charming views over the countryside with its vineyards, some places even give distant view towards Pampelonne beach. The properties shelter spacious houses in traditional Provencal style on large lands with old pine, palm and olive trees. Nowadays also some contemporary construction can be found.

Pampelonne (Les Moulins / Les Tamaris / Les Barraques / Bonne Terrasse)

These areas are close to the beach of Pampelonne with its famous restaurants like Club 55, Nikki Beach and Key West. Strolling on the sandy Pampelonne beach (5 km) is a pleasure all year round. In summer time the water laced with beautiful yachts and sailing boats dandling on the turquoise water. Properties in these areas show a residential character often on a private, sometimes gated domain. The houses are close to each other, but assume nevertheless privacy and holiday feeling often with breath-taking sea view.

Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Cap Camarat

These areas are along the rocky beaches of Ramatuelle. They are less crowded than Pampelonne beach and are attractive because of their varied natural settings. During off-season many houses are closed, but recently more and more people stay also during spring and autumn. These areas are in high demand as older houses are being renovated.

Gassin (2900 inhabitants, 25km2)

The old village of Gassin is situated in the middle of the Peninsula, perched high up on a rock. The village has kept its old winding streets and ancient houses. Its location is really quite exceptional overlooking vineyards, woods and the Gulf of Saint Tropez. From the top of the ramparts there is a magnificent view that extends from the Iles D'Or over the Massif des Maures (“Moorish Mountains”) and all the way to the snowy peaks of the Alps.

Areas of Gassin:

  • Gassin Village
  • Rouillère
  • Sinopolis / Résidence du Golf / Le Trezain
  • Saint Bonnaventure / Château Martin

Gassin Village

Gassin village is similar to the old village of Ramatuelle. In wintertime it is even quieter than its neighbor. There is a very nice spot on the west side of Gassin, which overlooks the vineyards towards the Gulf of Saint Tropez. You will find typical Provencal restaurant strung along the romantic square – an ideal place to escape the crowded beaches in summer and enjoy a light lunch or candle light dinner.


Rouillère is one of the typical wine areas of the Peninsula. The famous wineries like Château Minuty, Barbeyrolles, La Rouillère, Bertraud and Belieu are situated in that place. Throughout you can find old farmhouses, lovingly renovated and transformed into holiday properties or more recent constructions but with traditional Provencal feel.

Sinopolis / Résidence du Golf / Le Trezain

These areas are on the waterfront of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Houses nicely maintained, are lined up on the hillside, which faces Beauvallon and Sainte Maxime. Most of them are on private domains. You can choose between sea view properties or houses nestled in quiet streets with green space around. The advantage of these areas is that you can avoid traffic to reach Pampelonne beach by going over the village of Ramatuelle.

Saint Bonnaventure / Château Martin

These areas are still on the commune of Gassin, but very close to the entrance of Saint Tropez. Similar to Sinopolis and Le Trizain they are established on the hillside overlooking the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Grimaud (4200 inhabitants, 45km2)

Nestled in the heart of the Massif des Maures, Grimaud has maintained its medieval character. The village is very appealing with its paved and flowered streets winding about all the way from the Romanesque church to the ruins of the feudal castle. While exploring the village you will see beautiful old houses that have been superbly renovated. A few kilometers away you can visit Port Grimaud, a seaside vacation spot imagined by the architect François Spoerry.

Areas of Grimaud:

  • Grimaud Village / La Colle du Turc
  • Port Grimaud / Port Cogolin / Marines de Gassin
  • Beauvallon / Bartole / Guerrevieille / Saint Pons

Grimaud Village / La Colle du Turc

Grimaud village is famous for his Medieval castle and his old olive mill. Similar to the old village of Ramatuelle and Gassin it is perched on a hill dominating the region. The houses are often bigger than the houses of its neighboring towns, some with small little gardens. The private domain, La Colle du Turc, stands on the hill just behind the old village towards La Garde Freinet. Most of the properties are located on a slope, some of them with distant sea view.

Port Grimaud / Port Cogolin / Marines de Gassin

These areas are on the waterfront of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Similar to Venice they are penetrated by many navigable waterways with picturesque small harbors. Many of the houses have their own slips allowing direct access to their motor or sailing boats, giving a very beautiful and relaxed nautical character.

Beauvallon / Bartole / Guerrevieille / Saint Pons

These areas are facing Saint Tropez from the opposite side of the Gulf towards Sainte Maxime. Most of the properties enjoy a pleasant southern exposure, often with panoramic sea views. Private domains are nicely maintained.

The short distance to the Golf course of Beauvallon –probably one of the most beautiful in the South of France– makes these areas attractive to Golfers as well.

La Croix Valmer (3300 inhabitants, 22km2)

The village of La Croix Valmer is a relatively young village that remains elegant and discreet even although close to the bustle of Saint Tropez. The musical events at the Anches d’Azur Festival d’Harmonies and Nocturnes Croisiennes punctuate summer evenings. Every Sunday morning the village center boasts a Provencal market year round. The village is oriented south on a soft slope protected from winds, facing the sea and the wonderful Iles d’Or in the background. The vineyards are famous for their AOC wines, especially their rosé. Several domains are located amidst the rolling hills. You can stroll along La Bastide Blanche or Le Domaine de La Croix as examples.

Areas of La Croix Valmer:

  • Gigaro
  • Le Brost


Gigaro is the coastal area of La Croix Valmer, it is one among the most sought-after beach areas in the south of France. With its sandy and rocky beaches, lovely beach restaurants, rolling hills and vineyards, Gigaro is reputed for quality of its sea-bathing and family style vacations. Large wide beaches with gentle surf make it a favorite for families and others. There is a very wide nature reserve that dominates Gigaro : Cap Lardier overlooks the sea with stunning strolls as far as Cap Taillat and even further to Ramatuelle. Another way to enjoy this magical area is to anchor your boat in one of the many creeks of the Cap. This natural reserve offers a large diversity of pine trees and Mediterranean floral, scents, views and atmospheres.

Le Brost

Le Brost is located near the village of La Croix Valmer. It is a charming part of the area with its rolling hills surrounded by vineyards, magnificent views over the village of Gassin especially after sunset. In some areas, you can capture an outstanding view of Cap Lardier and Gigaro. This neighborhood carries a very natural feel with few properties scattered in the hills and vines.

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