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Saint Tropez Events 2017 1 March 2017

Saint Tropez Events 2017 - Year-round, plenty of events attract visitors from all parts of the world to Saint Tropez. The Bravade in May revives the past. The streets are filled with young and elderly in traditional uniforms, playing march music in the old town quarter. Smoking and cracking salves fill the air. Also in May, the legendary Harley Davidson meeting, when the earth is shaking in tact with the cult bikes – and the spectators cannot get enough of it.  During the Voiles de Saint Tropez beginning of October, the sea becomes a ballroom for sailing boats.  And the grand final of the summer is rung in by the Braderie. During four days, Saint Tropez is turned into a huge wholesale market place for luxury brands such as Dior, Hermes, Armani, Tod’s and in Saint Tropez created brands such as Blanc Bleu, Kiwi, Vilebrequin or Victoire. You can find real bargains there.

Brigit Bardot - All year-round exhibition

Exhibition Brigitte Bardot in the museum "La Gendarmerie de Saint Tropez", Place Blanqui (across Hôtel de Paris). Brigitte Bardot is considered the icon of Saint Tropez. Since 1958, the legendary actress lives here. She discovered the small fishing village for herself while shooting the movie "Et Dieu créa la femme". The exhibition shows mainly pictures of local photographers and amateurs, who experienced the BB at different occasions – at shootings with popular actors like Louis de Funès in the even today unique Club 55, or together with the Gipsy Kings and in later years during her commitment for animals.

Rétropézien: 1 - 2 April 2017

Classic motorbike enthusiasts meet for the 24th time this year on Saturday April 1st at 11 o’clock at the Place des Lices. All, who have a motorcycle produced before 1960 are invited to come and show. The annual tour starts at 2.30 pm with a parade through the old part of the town and then continues through the gorgeous Moorish countryside. On Sunday, a small tour around the Gulf of Saint Tropez and an Apéro are waiting for the biker friends. The event is organized by the Moto-Club Rétro-Pézien.

Coupe de l'hippocampe: 21 - 23 April 2017 

This tournament includes two disciplines – Polo and sailing – which unit them for the 11th time consecutively. It is organized by the Polo Club Saint Tropez, the Yacht Club from Monaco and the Société Nautique from Saint Tropez. Admission to the tournament is by invitation only – namely owners of sailing yachts type « Smeralda 888 » and international polo teams. Everybody else can watch and celebrate. The Polo Club opens its doors for the competition and spectators (free entrance). And the boat races take place just along the coast, right before the eyes of the Saint Tropez enthusiasts. 

Euro Festival Harley Davidson: 11 - 14 May 2017

Like every year, the Harley Davidson enthusiasts with their bikes from all over Europe will gather and make the earth tremble in and around Saint Tropez. Officially, there are 3,500 bikers and their machines in the area – mostly at the event village Port Grimaud, which is the scene for hard-nosed people. Other bikers come for a day trip, which adds up to about 10.000 motorcycle fans. Also the spectators can’t get enough of it and feel like Harley Davidson veterans themselves. The highlight of this gathering is the parade on Saturday through the old town of Saint Tropez – the kick-off for a tour of 40 km with more than thousand bikes participating.

La Bravade: Mai 16 - 18, 2017

This religious celebration with a simultaneously military tradition is already celebrated since 1558 in Saint Tropez. The streets are decorated with flags, you can hear gunfires, and uniformed people roam the streets with drums and fifes. Women and children accompany the troops in traditional costumes. Everybody is united in honouring the saint patron of Saint Tropez and remembering their heroes of the past, who defended their city against attacks. A secret hint: On the site of the fisher chapel of Sainte Anne, citizens, church and city supremes are having a picnic and give three cheers for old traditions and old times, at the end on Monday morning. The Bravade is more than an event – for people from Saint Tropez it is part of their history lasting until today.

Voiles Latines Saint Tropez: 25 - 28 May 2017

The celebrations of the Voiles Latines are recollecting past days when the fisherman went out to fish with their barques, often under very bad conditions. There are not only boats and participants from Saint Tropez, but also from other coastal regions in France, Corsica, Italy, Sardinia, Spain and Tunisia hoisting theirs flags. A colourful spectacle, which allows the old harbour of Saint Tropez to shine again in a very special glamorous light. Both, amateur and professional photographers are rewarded for their visit and can enjoy this event. By the way, the name comes from old time sails that were produced in cotton in a triangular shape, measuring about 20 m2.

National holiday - Patrouille de France: August 15, 2017

This day, everybody is watching the sky. Aerobatics on highest level excites children and adults. Already days in advance, you can hear the roars and rumbles all the time. Out of nowhere, the planes appear - and let the heads fling upwards immediately. Elegant, flying formations, swoops, pirouettes, evasive manoeuvres in the last second – breath taking, impressively, fascinating! The grand finale, flown by the legendary Patrouille de France – the Aerobatic Team of the French Military – is eagerly awaited by everyone.

Voiles de Saint Tropez: September 30 - October 8, 2016

The highlight of the year - and at the same time a glorious conclusion of the summer season - is the week of Voiles de Saint Tropez. Everyone, who needs an accommodation for that time should book it early in the year. The town is crowded, the mood is lively, the elitist audience is dressed casually. This yacht race, well known far beyond the borders, was initiated by Patrice de Colmont from the Club 55 in 1981. More than 300 yachts men are participating nowadays. But not only the race, which also can be watched closely from one of the escort boats, is fascinating. Especially the atmosphere and the mood in the harbour and the restaurants of the old town or at the beach of Salins, Bouillabaisse and Pampelonne are incomparably beautiful.

Super Sale: October 26 - 29,  2017

The old town is full of people. Many shops enlarge their sales area and put sales stands on the streets and the side walks. Who wants to get a good bargain, should be at his favourite shop very early in the morning. Or even better: Register to the clients list a couple of days before the Voile and become a privileged client - with access to the pre-sale. Sure, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. But most of the local and international luxury shops offer good quality for bargain prices, sometimes up to 70 per cent discount.

Saint Tropez Home Finders - Your reliable partner for rentals and sales 

No matter what or which event attracts you to Saint Tropez. Perhaps, you love the low season and want to enjoy the sun, beach and sea in quiet. We are here for you. Please feel free to ask us about your holiday property. We will help you - reliable and professional.

Caroline Simon

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