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Alain Moreu – A family story 1 April 2017

Alain Moreu – A family story. With his wife and his children, Alain Moreu is one of the supporting pillars of Saint Tropez. With a lot of passion, commitment and various activities, the family stands up for the peninsula. Regardless, whether as a dentist, restaurant owner, art enthusiast or shop owner, each day Alain Moreu actively participates in family life as a patriarch at the age of 77.

Jean-Claude et Alain Moreu with Caroline Simon

Caroline Simone: Alain Moreu, are you a genuine Saint Tropezian?

Alain Moreu: I’m feeling like one, but literally I’m not….my wife Roseline and I grew up in Marseille where we also got to know each other. Roseline’s grandparents were immigrant from Italy near Naples. At 25 we moved to Saint Tropez and put down roots…

Caroline Simone: So, you have consciously chosen this beautiful spot. And today, you and your children belong to those people, who stand up for Saint Tropez with heart and soul. Tell us about it…

Alain Moreu: Yes, that’s right. It is important to us, that Saint Tropez is pulsating all year round - not only in the summer season. This is, on the one side for the local residents, and on the other side for the fans of the peninsula, who come to enjoy the mild climate also in winter, spring and fall. Furthermore, we belief in being available for our clients and work with passion and dedication every day. Thereby, in our family, everyone is pursuing another task. My wife, who sadly passed away some month ago, had the same convictions. She kept the shop „Les Galerie Tropéziennes“ in the Rue Gambetta near the Place des Lices. A real establishment, that was founded as early as 1903. She made it a legendary and highly appreciated place…

Les Galeries Tropéziennes situated Rue Gambetta next to the Place des Lices

Caroline Simone: And your sons? Sébastian and Jean-Claude?

Alain Moreu: Sébastian is the younger one and the artist in the family. He dedicates himself to contemporary art. Years ago, he and Enrico Navarra had the idea of „L’Art à la Plage“ and realized it by showing monumental sculptures of international artists. After a while, he became the closest associate of Enrico…

Reference: Galerie Enrico Navarra, l'art à la plage, 2004

Caroline Simone: And Jean-Claude?

Alain Moreu: Jean-Claude devotes himself to running our restaurants – all by the name: „Les Jumeaux“, because Jean-Claude had a twin brother, who sadly lost his life in a traffic accident. There are three of them: La Plage des Jumeaux in Ramatuelle, La Maison des Jumeaux in the heart of the village of Saint Tropez near the bakery Tarte Tropézienne and Le Chalet des Jumeaux in Mègeve - a dreamlike place especially in winter.

Our beach restaurant, La Plage des Jumeaux is open at lunch time all year round. During the summer festivals in Ramatuelle, we are also open at night as well as for private events. The chef, Jean-Yves Allaire offers a modern Mediterranean cuisine. The ambiance is a perfect mix of a familiar and intimate atmosphere as well as discretion and elegance. Therefore, also politicians and popular artists love to come here and we are always happy to see them again.

Our restaurant in the village, La Maison des Jumeaux, is open from May to November for lunch and dinner and offers a refined Provencal cuisine.

Restaurant Les Jumeaux at Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle

Caroline Simone: Jean-Claude dedicates himself very much for Pampelonne, as I heard….

Alain Moreu: Yes, Jean-Claude is the president of the beach lease-holders and the vice president of the association of beach tenants (fédération française des plages) for representation on a national level. Currently, he is dealing with the future design of the Pampelonne beach.

Caroline Simone: Your family developed a special passion for the sea. How does it become visible?

Alain Moreu: When I arrived in Saint Tropez, I discovered the Italian Riva boats. At that time, there existed more than 100 models. A friend lent me his boat and since that day I’m in love with these boats. I developed a passion for Riva which continuous until today. I even founded an association, the international Riva Runabout Club. Every year, the members meet in Saint Tropez at “Sportmer” and together we take a trip with the boats to the Plage des Jumeaux. Unfortunately, the Riva boats are vanishing more and more. Soon, there will be only four or five of them….That’s really too bad, because these boats are real collectibles and a special kind of cultural heritage, that really should be preserved, in my opinion.

Caroline Simon: Alain Moreu, heartfelt thanks for your openness and the opportunity to learn more about you and your family. I hope to see you again soon at Plage des Jumeaux. 

Alain Moreu: Sure. See you soon….

Caroline Simon

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